Facilities – The charm of a Holiday Retreat

La Casa $ towers

Surrounded by the four residential towers, the lushly landscaped grounds of La Casa house an astonishing range of resort facilities and water features that emulate the picturesque sun-drenched beaches and transparent waters of Mykonos.


You and your loved ones can enjoy an idyllic lifestyle in a picturesque Mykonian setting. Relax at a resort style multi-functional clubhouse with a professional equipped gym that overlooks 5 swimming pools. Rejuvenate in a steam bath or enjoy other facilities like BBQ pits, sun tanning decks, fitness corner, and tennis courts in your leisure time. In short, every facility you need to live healthily and live well.


Water Features & Landscaped Gardens
  1. Lap Pool
  2. Fun Pool
  3. Lagoon Pool
  4. Hydro Therapy Pool
  5. Spa Pool
  6. Lounge Pool
  7. Roof Top Garden Terrace
  8. Picnic Lawn
  9. Cozy Sitting Areas & Sunning Niches around Pool Area


Outdoor Activity Areas
  1. BBQ Pits
  2. Children’s Play area
  3. 2 Tennis Courts
  4. Outdoor Fitness Corner
  5. Kiddy Soccer Corner


Indoor Activity Areas
  1. Lounge
  2. Gymnasium
  3. Karaoke Room
  4. Steam Rooms
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